A Sampling of Our Current Menu Offerings

All menu items and pricing are subject to change.


This is a sampling of dinner offerings. All menu items and pricing are subject to change.



Griddled Cheese (contains gluten)  9

mahon, apple honey, sunflower shoots, bread

Pickled Pears  4

star anise, orange peel

Soft Pretzels (contains gluten)  4

fermented cider mustard

Cured Olives  5

castelvetrano, mantequilla, halkidiki, rosemary, preserved citrus, fennel

Cider Cashews (nuts) 4

shiitake, espelette

Acreage Frites  6

cider aoli

Basque Frites  8

compound butter, manchego


served w/ brown butter crackers (contains gluten)

La Quercia Speck (nuts) 14

apple butter

Tempesta Finocchiona  14

pickled vegetables

Vincenza’s Soppressata  14

pickled mustard seeds


cooking w/ white oak, hickory


Beef & Bacon Sausage 9

mushroom, sprouted quinoa, radish, pickled golden raisin

Cider Bratwurst 7

fermented sauerkraut, mustard

Mussels (contains gluten) 14

Real Dry cider, sweet herbs, fennel, citrus, bread

Charred Chicken 17

preserved buddha’s hand yogurt, lemon

Acreage Burger (contains gluten – GF option available) 14

fried pickles, cider aioli, cheddar, brioche
  • make vegetarian +1
  • gluten free bun +3
  • tomato bacon jam +2

Pork Chops 15

salsa verde, apple butter


Rebel Greens (nuts) 9

manchego, candied pecans, lemon
feta, pistachios, mint

Hasselback Roots 9

lardo butter

Farm Beets (nuts) 9

savory granola, shepherd’s cheese

Tempura Beech Mushroom 9

green goddess, lemon

Winter Squash 9

bagna cauda, gremolata

Parsnips (nuts) 9

cider glaze, hazelnut picada


Cider Doughnuts  8

cinnamon sugar, cider honey

Chocolate Nemesis (nuts) 8

sheep’s milk yogurt, pistachios, rose hip

Gingerbread Cake (contains gluten) 8

L’Acier whip, blood orange marmalade


Served with seasonal fruit and raw veggies, choice of frites, fresh greens or grain salad, and your choice of fresh pressed apple juice, sparkling water with fruit, or Organic Milk.

Cider Bratwurst


Burger (contains gluten)


Pork Chop

apple butter

Mussel Pasta (contains gluten)

butter, garlic


notice: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


(nuts) nuts